Where to eat in Cambridge, UK

Where to eat in Cambridge, UK

“If we help an educated man’s daughter to go to Cambridge are we not forcing her to think not about education but about war? — not how she can learn, but how she can fight in order that she might win the same advantages as her brothers?”

Virgina Woolf

It seems like I manage to share food guides only once I’ve left a place. So here is my second post on where to eat and what to do when you find yourself in Cambridge.

Why Cambridge? Well… I first moved to the UK in 2013 and I spent the first couple of weeks there with friends, in… Cambridge. At that point, my life was a mess, I was desperately looking for a new beginning, I had no clue what I was going to do, where I was going to live and if I’d even survive. After a week of commuting to London to start my PhD and look for houses, I would find myself walking around Cambridge at the weekends and feeling lost. But I wasn’t just lost inside – I literally could not make sense of the city.

As I settled in London and started to enjoy the busy life of a big city, the memory of Cambridge and its confusing streets faded along with all the recollections of my previous life in Italy. Little did I know that Cambridge would soon become such a special place for me. In 2015 I moved there for a summer internship and moved in with my boyfriend. Three months later, I was still in Cambridge and coming to terms with the fact that we might stay there for a little longer. I missed London terribly and felt that Cambridge had nothing to offer – gee was I wrong! In the two and a half years we lived in Cambridge, we explored almost every alley and tried as many restaurants as our poor PhD pockets could afford. We even got engaged and married there!

So when friends and family came over from Europe, the US and even Australia for our big day, I wanted to make sure they could make the most out of their weekend. I created two maps: one with all food places, organised by meals/types of cuisine, and one with different walks you can go on. I’ve copied below my favourite eateries, but there are plenty more on the map, so don’t forget to check it out!

Hope you enjoy and let me know if what your favourite spot is!


Cambridge has a large number of street food vans that move around regularly. As such, they are not included in the map, but I’ve listed my favourites. They also regularly organise food truck events, such as at the Mill Road Winter Fair or at regular FoodParks.


There’s actually two branches, but only this one offers a full brunch. But they both have their very famous chelsea buns!

  • Millworks
    The Watermill, Newnham Road, Cambridge CB3 9EY

Very good food and brunch. There’s even an old functioning mill inside! If you go to the toilets, there’s posters of what the restaurant used to be (well, at least in the women’s toilets).







You can read more about this one, in its own post.

Food map

Walks map

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  • I can understand why you wrote this…I left my heart in Cambridge and would go back in a heartbeat! As always, a great post and hope to see an equally intriguing one for Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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