Summertime sadness dessert

Summertime sadness dessert

Imagine a warm September evening, when summer is coming to an end, but you are still not ready to let go of cutoff shorts and flip flops and the adventures they took you on. As a kid, I would spend August splashing Lake Michigan’s water playing Marco Polo, and sunbathing on a boiling hot beach, sipping unsweetened ice tea and devouring Frosty Tip‘s turtle sunday. Or, I would be hiking in the Alps, making sailboats out of bark that would then disappear down a stream, under the shadow of tall spruce trees, and then having a picnic with a salami sandwich and apple juice.

When September came, it was time to settle down, finish off summer homework, and get ready to go back to school. There was always one last event that helped make the transition less painful: my dad’s birthday. As the heat wave rolled out, my mother and I would engage in a day of cooking and baking, tending to my father’s requests. Though one thing was always consistent in the menu: dessert. Every year he asks for stuffed peaches. Big juicy halves, topped with crumbled amaretti biscuits, dark chocolate chips and a dab of butter, and then cooked for 20 minutes until soft. The result is a perfect mix of end of summer sadness with the last peaches of the season, a sneak peak into autumn reminiscing apple pies, and a long shot to christmas with the flavours of an amaretti hot chocolate.

While the peaches and chocolate complement each other with their sweet and bitter contrasts, and the amaretti soften the overall flavour, this cooked dish is rather dull in colour and texture. Sure, it doesn’t take long to make this dessert, but my summers now, while perhaps less adventurous, are also made up of work and September in particular is a month of deadlines. So I came up with a quicker version of this dish, that adds vibrant colours, showing off those flavourful contrasts also in the texture. It’s not groundbreaking or very creative, but I think the end result is equally if not more satisfying. Swap the peaches with canned ones and crumble the biscuits and chocolate bits on top, in a less than orderly manner. Serve raw. I choose the canned version because they are slightly softer and for sure sweeter, but also because you can end up making this dessert at other times of the year when peaches are not in season. Fresh peaches would also be good, but I must admit, I have not tried them in this dessert.


Original recipe:

  • big juicy yellow peaches (however many you want to make)
  • crunchy amaretti biscuits
  • dark chocolate bar
  • butter

Heat the oven at 175ºC. Cut the peaches in half, scoop the inside out so to leave a crater and blend it with the amaretti using an electric mixer. Chop the chocolate bar into small pieces and add them to the filling. Now pour the filling inside the peaches and if you want them slightly juicier, consider adding a tiny dab of butter. Then cook in the oven for about 25 minutes. The peaches should be soft and the filling should be a golden brown.


Raw recipe:

  • canned peaches
  • crunchy amaretti biscuits
  • dark chocolate bar

Pour the amaretti in a plastic bag, closed it and then used a rolling pin to crumble them without making a mess. Then I chopped the chocolate into small pieces, and grated some to have thinner shaves. Finally I displayed the peaches on a plate, and poured the amaretti and chocolate on top, without being too careful. The final result looks pretty damn good!


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